Casio G-Shock x Baby-G 2018 G Presents Lover's Collection Pair Watch LOV-18A-7

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Model: LOV-18A-7

2018 G PRESENTS LOVER'S COLLECTION limited-edition his-and-hers Christmas models that were inspired by Greek mythology.
Base models are the popular analog-digital AW-591 and BGA-150. The theme of this year's models is "Love is tough," and this G-SHOCK and BABY-G combination has been designed to express the strong bonds between Cupid and Psyche in never-ending love, despite the many hardships facing them.
At the 8 o'clock position, the G-SHOCK has a Cupid's wing mark while the BABY-G has a Psyche's butterfly mark to symbolize eternity. The back covers of these models sport a gold ion-plated finish to commemorate G-SHOCK's 35th anniversary, and are stamped with images of an angel and a devil, along with the year 2018.

These models come packaged in a red paired model box, which is imprinted with the text G PRESENTS LOVER'S COLLECTION 2018 and a Greek mythology design.
This set consists of the G-SHOCK and BABY-G.

Devil & Angel
It is said that long ago, at the beginning of time, a powerful angel named Lucifer incurred the wrath of God who banished him and his minions to hell, where Lucifer became the Devil. The angels remaining in heaven came under the leadership of another powerful angel named Michael. Since then, the relationship between angels and devils has been one of good and evil, light and dark, love and hate. The strong attraction between these opposing forces has also made them the symbol of lovers, who resist separation regardless of the forces working to keep them apart.

Packaging: New in box with manual