Casio G-Shock Rangeman Love Sea and The Earth Earthwatch Men's Watch GW-9408KJ-7

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Model: GW-9408KJ-7

Band: Carbon fiber insert band
Length: 145-215mm/29.2mm
Case size: 55.2 x 53.5 x 18.2mm
Weight: 93g
Shock-resistant structure
Tough solar (solar charging system)
20 ATM water resistant function
Radio wave reception function: automatic reception (maximum 6 times/day) (maximum 5 times/day for Chinese radio waves)/manual reception
World time: 48 cities around the world (31 time zones, with daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display
Azimuth measurement function: Measure 16 azimuths and azimuth angles (0 to 359°), continuously measure azimuths (60 seconds), display north, south, east, and west in graphics, bearing memory (one graphic showing azimuth angle and recorded direction) memory), magnetic declination correction function, azimuth correction function
Atmospheric pressure measurement function (measurement range: 260 to 1,100 hPa), atmospheric pressure trend graph display (displays the past 42 hours), atmospheric pressure difference graphic, atmospheric pressure tendency information alarm (with a sound when a characteristic change in atmospheric pressure occurs) (represented by an arrow)
Altitude measurement function / relative altimeter (measurement range: -700 to 10,000m), altitude memory (automatically recorded data: maximum altitude, minimum altitude, cumulative ascending altitude, cumulative descending altitude), altitude difference graphic, altitude difference measurement (-3,000 to 3,000m), measurement interval setting function (every 5 seconds/2 minutes) *every second only for the first 3 minutes
Temperature measurement function (measurement range: -10 to 60°C)
Manual memory function: records up to 40 records of altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, direction, and time (time stamp function)
Sunrise/sunset time display
Stopwatch (1/100 second, 1000 hour meter, with split)
Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 24 hours, measured in 1 second units)
5 time alarms (only 1 with snooze function), time signal
Battery indicator display
Power saving function (turns off the display after a certain period of time in a dark place to save power)
Full auto calendar
12/24 hour display switching
Operation sound ON/OFF switching function
LED backlight (with full auto light, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1.5 seconds/3 seconds))

Packaging: New in box with manual